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Six thirteen year olds

held hands

boy girl boy

and waded barefoot

through ankle deep water

hunched over

through the sewer pipe

behind the abandoned house everyone thought was haunted

walking slowly

enjoying the touch

of  electricity

in close proximity

and anticipation

of reaching the clearing

underneath the giant buckeye tree

Several feet up

bright yellow dandelion heads

began to fall

from the  pinhole of light

in the center of the manhole cover

tossed in by Ann

just 6 years old

while singing “Ring  Around the Rosy”

Waiting quietly

for song’s end

without a word

said between us

We began as a low rumble

building to a loud moan

and listened as she ran


back to her house

as we ran


splashing loudly through the  concrete cavern

back to the field

that held cows

behind an electric fence

as the wind

carried our laughter

across every summer


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Warm breezes carry songs of summers past

barefoot memories and carefree laughter echo

between cries of Marco!


Rainbow streamers flying from unmanned bike handles

as I rode down the steepest hill

past neighbors cutting grass

arms raised

with a smile on my face

If I close my eyes now

and feel the wind

as I listen to the sound of the lawnmowers

I can almost remember what it felt like

to be brave


and unstoppable

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