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Slipping softly

Melting into your embrace

Each breath

draws us closer to a kiss

because who needs words

when time and distance stole them from us

All I need

is to look in your eyes

to translate


what our souls spoke

A tapestry of language

woven with silver threads

that hold us together

even when we are far apart


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I  need you here


to hold me

as tenderly as you held my fears

as fearlessly as you dried my tears


let’s lay down our words

and  lie together

with nothing between us

but  dreams

spoken silently

with fingertips on skin

pressed softly

with lips

between pages

of  soul


with each touch of  love our hearts create

from our  own silent sanctuary

in the stillness of  Sacred


I need you here…


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Photo: My own

The slow pull of a whisper’s fade

writing dreams across my mind’s sky

not yet fully seen

until reflected in the soft spill of soul

becoming reality

in the slow exhale of


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In stillness inhaling light

I wrap my pain with love

to let go of hurt

in the exhale

Feeling the breeze take away my worry

along with the “why’s”

as each  breath brings me closer to

 everything I understand

and all the things I never will

Poetry Prompt http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/daily-prompt-this-is-your-song/

Taken from the song

Where Time Stands Still

Mary Chapin Carpenter

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In silence

 I feel him wind through me

his words

  his laughter

like a breeze across my soul

 I wonder then

Is he is thinking of me

 does he feel my touch of thought 

 can he feel my love spill colors of light into him

  merging our souls into prisms that dance with breath

 guiding us separately down a path we share together

I feel him

Does he feel me?

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Internet photo

A distant dream

gave birth to flight

she holds a single feather

colors of her very  soul

proof that miracles are born with belief

and live in the knowing

that she was always meant to


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To be the music


in the pause

resonating meaning in its depth

a vibration of sacred felt

not heard

Fill me with your notes

so I can feel your music

play me

as my soul sings your song back to you

with love

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