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Photo: My own

The slow pull of a whisper’s fade

writing dreams across my mind’s sky

not yet fully seen

until reflected in the soft spill of soul

becoming reality

in the slow exhale of


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Photo: My own

The weight

an empty bench carries

memories of yestedays sunsets shared


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Photo: My own

You can always find me

between the moon

and a dream

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Photo by @captainsidcup ~ twitter Used by permission


The most important steps taken are not usually the biggest

but the first.

This weathered staircase

imprinted in memory not with mere footsteps

but soul prints

of  those who against all odds

followed their hearts

to dreams







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Photo: My own

Always reaching

beyond blue into light

a long slow stretch into being

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Photo: My own

Lingering in twilight


without the heavy weight of dawn

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Photo: My own

Weight of truth

spilled in rain

setting clouds free

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Photo: My own

Underneath the surface of the sky

clouds ripple clarity in stillness

A clear mind

as seen beneath gentle waves

Muffled reflections

in an upside down reality

of what is

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Photo: My own

Reflections of sky

always most calm

after the storm

Torrents of emotion released from the clutch of darkness

bring a dawn of understanding


paints possiblities

in the wake of a shadow’s slow crawl

Mother Nature

in her wonder

guides me through beauty

to know the world

as myself

To be me


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Photo: My own

Memories bathed in light

unfold gracefully upon my shoreline

in the gentle rhythms of


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