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How does

the sun protect itself

from scorch

The ocean

not drown

The mist


without becoming lost

The rain


without breaking

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Somewhere …
perhaps where the breeze ends
or where it begins
a field of wildflowers
rises through parched earth
to bask in the glory
of a sun
without a single cloud
scenting the wind
with colors
calling to those
who struggle
in a wilderness
to see beyond
to a place of transcendence
where gold seeps softly
into the horizon
that dreamers long to touch
and poets dream to know
Take me sweet wind, please
to where the wildflowers… grow

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If I close my eyes

I can hear the rustle of leaves

birdsong  joyously welcoming the dawn

Feel light shimmer on stillness

of a barely perceptible current

knowing it is the symphony of my soul


by Mother Earth

from the inside


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Photo: My own

Reflections of sky

always most calm

after the storm

Torrents of emotion released from the clutch of darkness

bring a dawn of understanding


paints possiblities

in the wake of a shadow’s slow crawl

Mother Nature

in her wonder

guides me through beauty

to know the world

as myself

To be me


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I am…

music light dances to in a forest of trees

I am…

 a transient dream traveling on a cloud

I am…

the laughter of a child blown through a wand into a soap bubble.

I am…

the echo of loneliness in howling wind

I am…

the gentle movement of air created by butterfly’s wings

I am…

a smiley face drawn in breath on a window pane by a child

I am..

a Universe held within a dewdrop bending a blade of grass

I am…

sand clinging to your feet longing to travel to new destinations

I am…

flickering candlelight breathing stillness of collective prayer in church

I am…

the breath of mist taken in by a mountains sigh

I am…

a child’s wish floating atop  dandelion seeds on a whisper of expectation

I am…

the perfumed pause before the first drop of rain

I am…

breath held before a lovers first touch

I am…

fingerprints left on pages of your favorite book

I am…

sandstorm dancing to the rhythm of the ocean

I am…

ache held in the soul of lovers too distant to touch

I am…

salt stains left on your cheeks after a final goodbye

I am

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 afternoon storms rolling their knowing

 illuminating clouds

with bolts of brilliance

 as torrential rains

  wash away pain of doubts

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