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Without love

time has no meaning

Every moment spent with you


and I wonder..

just how long can I hold this moment

before it becomes




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Tumbleweeds rolling across mindscapes

The soft breeze of thought revolving ghost like memories that scrape against soul

Each look back with new eyes give insight as to how a memory was perceived

only the pain remains the same.

Covered in the dust of a well worn road

my mind flies to plant itself firmly in fields

where only wild sunflowers grow

softly stretching towards light

looking away only to bow gracefully in adoration

dropping seeds into fertile soil

where every thought blooms into beauty

decorating even the grayest skies with joy

and tumbleweeds become yesterday’s memory blown away in a fragrant breeze of now

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Driving past that old cinderblock house, I only remember the happiness that bloomed there.  Our first house, the one where we grew from a couple to a family.  In an instant, I see my now grown son as a baby doing a soldier crawl on the beige tile floors. I hear music coming from the back pool, and the laughter of friends who have since moved away.

Where do the memories of the tears go? The bitter arguments. The feelings of neglect. The endless power struggle to hold on to myself while becoming immersed  in motherhood.

Do the tears I shed now, out of a clear blue mind, fall from the pain of another me in a parallel plane? One too strong willed to cry. One too weak to show her vulnerability as she slowly became invisible in her own life.

Drive by memories of what used to be and what continues to breathe

somewhere else …

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