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How some memories

are so soft

you lay your heart on them

to remember

what love was



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I can still see her

my mother

rocking in the fetal position

on avocado shag

uncontrollably sobbing

the day Elvis died

I wonder

if she felt that kind of pain

when she killed me


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Photo: My own

The weight

an empty bench carries

memories of yestedays sunsets shared


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Shuffling time

to find the days

where you loved me too

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Shuffling time

to find the days

when you loved me too

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Did he think his touch could be untraced

Erasing every tasted tremble

as if my every breath didn’t originate

in the rests between his own heartbeat

Memories that held on for so long


just to feel the heat of what used to be

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Empty release…

This morning as the sun was rising, I felt him stir next to me. I lay there wondering if he would reach out; touch my hair, caress my back. These moments of tenderness so rare in our marriage now  and only on occasions that he wants sex.  I laid  still as I felt movement in the bed, wanting so badly to feel skin pressing mine, even if it was for mere moments.   It didn’t take long to come to the sad realization that he didn’t wish to go through the bother of touching my hair this morning or caress my back to have his sexual needs met, he would only be touching himself. For the first time in years  we reached a release together. His into the top sheet with a sigh, mine cried silently onto the pillowcase.

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Teardrops sliding one by one

the only caress to her cheek

she can remember

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The beginning of the end…

In the beginning there were held hands

and kisses stolen in moonlight

The beginning of the end

was when they stopped.

Yet we kept going

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Delightfully he prunes her treasured jasmine bush

when blossoms are abundant and fragrant


the shrub obscures his view

from a window

where he keeps the blinds closed

to keep out sun

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