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A touch remembered…

My skin…

memorizing your fingertips

as my soul

forever remembers

your touch



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She hated mornings

the startling  buzz of the alarm

shattering silence


with each fumbled slam of the snooze button

yet always chose the opening shift at the small counter

where morning people

greeted one another

with smiles

and laughter

were not hurried

complaining about the wait

they brought the sun

into a fluorescent room

easing her into the day

in a way the alarm never could










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It may not be my words, but my story and that of so many others beautifully written

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“Hi Mom!” she said. A friend of my daughters whom I was meeting for the first time. I smiled and gave her a hug through the car window. She had a brilliant smile and shining brown eyes. “I don’t have a mom” I wondered silently if she had died, sadness swept over my face as she then said “She ran away.”

Where do Moms run away to? Are they happy there or haunted by the family they left behind. Does she see her little girl in dreams, wonder how she is? Does what she ran away from protect her from pain each time she looks into a girl the same age or when her birthday rolls around? I gave her a hug goodbye, wishing I held on just a little bit longer. Once for my “daughter” and for the mother who ran away.

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Photo: My own

Always reaching

beyond blue into light

a long slow stretch into being

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Our colors tumble together

 creating mirrored prisms reflecting each others soul

 Kaleidoscopes we turn with love we share


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Each touch of thought

 a note of his melody my soul plays to stars

 Constellations rejoice in the symphony

a beauty he could never see

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