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Slipping softly

Melting into your embrace

Each breath

draws us closer to a kiss

because who needs words

when time and distance stole them from us

All I need

is to look in your eyes

to translate


what our souls spoke

A tapestry of language

woven with silver threads

that hold us together

even when we are far apart

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How does

the sun protect itself

from scorch

The ocean

not drown

The mist


without becoming lost

The rain


without breaking

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The silent storm


within each raindrop

spilling sorrows upon my skin

Drenching fabric

that clings

to soul

revealing in transparent wonder

the beauty

within the flaws

of what lies beneath

There is no respite

from the rain

for even an umbrella

may shield you from the soak

but not the story

that becomes a song

in a relentless rhythm


one another’s pain

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