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I  need you here


to hold me

as tenderly as you held my fears

as fearlessly as you dried my tears


let’s lay down our words

and  lie together

with nothing between us

but  dreams

spoken silently

with fingertips on skin

pressed softly

with lips

between pages

of  soul


with each touch of  love our hearts create

from our  own silent sanctuary

in the stillness of  Sacred


I need you here…


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His heart

led me to windows

to views

I have only seen in dreams

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Blue ink

stains vellum

as the pen glides

in the soft flow of feel

on paper scented like her skin

in Spring

written by a heart

reaching to touch


beyond words

beyond measure

Will  he feel her pulse

beat inside his  chest

as he traces

her lips

pressed in red

in place of  her name

on a handwritten letter

folded in thirds

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She feels him

his smile

his voice

his scent

his touch

winding through her

creating sparks

underneath skin

his energy

buzzing around her

in air

she tries to scoop up

to hold close

as if  to wear him

as her only garment


she can see



touch him


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She hated mornings

the startling  buzz of the alarm

shattering silence


with each fumbled slam of the snooze button

yet always chose the opening shift at the small counter

where morning people

greeted one another

with smiles

and laughter

were not hurried

complaining about the wait

they brought the sun

into a fluorescent room

easing her into the day

in a way the alarm never could










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Naked and afraid

she curled into him



expecting him to leave

everyone else did

but he stayed

showing her the beauty

that she is

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If I close my eyes

I can hear the rustle of leaves

birdsong  joyously welcoming the dawn

Feel light shimmer on stillness

of a barely perceptible current

knowing it is the symphony of my soul


by Mother Earth

from the inside


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Fabricating sins

to a shadow behind a latticed screen

too ashamed of the real ones


the cost

for telling lies to God

Can forgiveness ever be granted

when the penance given

lies in the  prayer

that she forgot

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she tucked the stray strands of white hair

behind the ear

of the dying woman whose name she didn’t yet know

Holding her hand

silently praying

for her  breath

to ease

and three labored breaths later

the prayer answered

when it ceased

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