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Paint me in twilight

 colored in transitions of becoming

as nature holds its breath


I am forever indigo


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Counting time…

 Counting time  in breaths

for your touch

scrawled across my mind

leaving my body


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Language of Breeze…

My hair

translating the language of breeze

yet all I feel is his touch

  detangling my mind with chills he gave to me

in whispers

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Photo: My own

The slow pull of a whisper’s fade

writing dreams across my mind’s sky

not yet fully seen

until reflected in the soft spill of soul

becoming reality

in the slow exhale of


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It may not be my words, but my story and that of so many others beautifully written

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In stillness inhaling light

I wrap my pain with love

to let go of hurt

in the exhale

Feeling the breeze take away my worry

along with the “why’s”

as each  breath brings me closer to

 everything I understand

and all the things I never will

Poetry Prompt http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/daily-prompt-this-is-your-song/

Taken from the song

Where Time Stands Still

Mary Chapin Carpenter

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for your tender touch

whispered across my skin

each kiss

a caress

breathing me back to life


to hear your voice

hold my name in the tremble of desire

to feel your moans mingle with mine in the back of my throat

as want becomes need

to be with you

on you

in you


I am forever


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