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To be the music


in the pause

resonating meaning in its depth

a vibration of sacred felt

not heard

Fill me with your notes

so I can feel your music

play me

as my soul sings your song back to you

with love

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Photo: My own

Underneath the surface of the sky

clouds ripple clarity in stillness

A clear mind

as seen beneath gentle waves

Muffled reflections

in an upside down reality

of what is

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as a language

barely audible

always undertstood

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she saw the beauty in every storm

but her own

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Driving past that old cinderblock house, I only remember the happiness that bloomed there.  Our first house, the one where we grew from a couple to a family.  In an instant, I see my now grown son as a baby doing a soldier crawl on the beige tile floors. I hear music coming from the back pool, and the laughter of friends who have since moved away.

Where do the memories of the tears go? The bitter arguments. The feelings of neglect. The endless power struggle to hold on to myself while becoming immersed  in motherhood.

Do the tears I shed now, out of a clear blue mind, fall from the pain of another me in a parallel plane? One too strong willed to cry. One too weak to show her vulnerability as she slowly became invisible in her own life.

Drive by memories of what used to be and what continues to breathe

somewhere else …

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In the quiet stillness after their release

even the rain paused

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Photo: My own

Reflections of sky

always most calm

after the storm

Torrents of emotion released from the clutch of darkness

bring a dawn of understanding


paints possiblities

in the wake of a shadow’s slow crawl

Mother Nature

in her wonder

guides me through beauty

to know the world

as myself

To be me


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Photo: My own


 shapeshift me

I am never the same

with their passing

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that slow reach

across bedsheets

tip to tip

our fingers gently touch

exchanging warmth

held in each others hearts

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Only a ghost ….

Only a ghost

Where a rainbow used to be

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