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Photo: My own

Memories bathed in light

unfold gracefully upon my shoreline

in the gentle rhythms of


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 Sky blue paint flakes at my touch revealing aged oak

as my fingers trace inside the worn deep grooves

I wonder

What lies beyond this windowless door

I rest my head against the grain

listening to wisdom of ancients spoken in foreign tongues

a language unknown to me but understood


sharing secrets mists whisper to trees at dawn

Placing my palms flat against it’s surface

Vibrations of knowing pulse from within

begging me to open this portal

To remember light that has been forgotten

(un) known

through a busy life lived with closed eyes

My heart open

slowly, I slide my right hand down the weathered frame

reaching for the hammered iron handle

I depress the latch

to discover the gateway


What lies beyond the door

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Your whispers held

safely within my sighs

I curse the distance creating this ache

pulsing my need to breathe

Only you

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I am…

music light dances to in a forest of trees

I am…

 a transient dream traveling on a cloud

I am…

the laughter of a child blown through a wand into a soap bubble.

I am…

the echo of loneliness in howling wind

I am…

the gentle movement of air created by butterfly’s wings

I am…

a smiley face drawn in breath on a window pane by a child

I am..

a Universe held within a dewdrop bending a blade of grass

I am…

sand clinging to your feet longing to travel to new destinations

I am…

flickering candlelight breathing stillness of collective prayer in church

I am…

the breath of mist taken in by a mountains sigh

I am…

a child’s wish floating atop  dandelion seeds on a whisper of expectation

I am…

the perfumed pause before the first drop of rain

I am…

breath held before a lovers first touch

I am…

fingerprints left on pages of your favorite book

I am…

sandstorm dancing to the rhythm of the ocean

I am…

ache held in the soul of lovers too distant to touch

I am…

salt stains left on your cheeks after a final goodbye

I am

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Transient dreams

This sky holds me hostage  as I watch clouds shapeshift with my thoughts

 Or do the clouds shape me  with their transient dreams held

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To fly…

Slicing open this hurt

to drain

 loneliness from soul

Stagnant thoughts

have me in holding patterns

begging me to move

Dreams fly in a colorful mind


Mine for the taking

if I could just take that step




to fly

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 afternoon storms rolling their knowing

 illuminating clouds

with bolts of brilliance

 as torrential rains

  wash away pain of doubts

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Photo: my own


whispering hurricanes

across this once placid soul

creating waves of tumult

in a mind desperate for peace

Wanting to know love

only found in stillness

I inhale light

in measured breaths

 dissolving darkness

to  feel my sun


from within

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 brushstrokes of passion  ~ blushing morning’s sky ~ with last nights fevered dreams

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soul mirrors mind ~ reflections of self ~ endless skies of possibility

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